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Zahedan University of Medical Sciences (ZAUMS) was established in 1986. At present ZAUMS includes 6 schools, namely, School of Medicine, School of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Allied Medical Sciences, School of Dentistry, School of Health, School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Two Health Higher Education Institutes in Khash and Chabahar cities were established in 2012 and 2014, respectively. A variety of academic degrees in different disciplines are offered in these schools and institutes, including fellowship, subspecialty, specialty, general doctorates of Medicine, Dental surgery, PhD, MSc and BSc.
A total of 9 teaching and non-teaching hospitals, including one tertiary referral hospital, with more than 1842 beds are affiliated with ZAUMS. Currently, the ZAUMS has 327 academic members of staff that include nine professors, 39 Associate Professor, and 279 Assistant Professors, and more than 3800 students are studying in 74 different disciplines and fields of study at ZAUMS. The Primary Health Care Network affiliated with ZAUMS comprises 451rural health houses, 88 urban health posts, 82 rural comprehensive health centers, 48 urban comprehensive health centers, that offer free-of-charge primary health care services to a population of 1600000 in the province.
A total of 9 research centers are affiliated with ZAUMS including: Health Promotion Research Center, Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Research Center, Pregnancy Health Research Center, Children & Adolescents Health Research Center, Cellular & Molecular Research Center, Genetic of Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center, Clinical Immunology Research Center, Oral & Dental Diseases Research Center, Laboratory Animals Research Center.


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