News > Zahedan University of Medical Sciences Launches the National “Nam Nam” Anti-Smoking and Anti-Drug Campaign with the theme: "Saying No to Drugs by Saying No to Tobacco"

Report from: ZAUMS Environmental and Occupational Health Department

Published on: 1 May 2019


An association between tobacco and other drug use has been well established. It has been estimated that as many as three-quarters of adults with substance use disorders also have a history of cigarette smoking. Moreover, craving nicotine also increases craving for illicit drugs among drug users who smoke tobacco. Hence, substance use prevention programs may benefit from comprehensive interventions targeting the reduction in the use of tobacco products.



In an effort to mitigate the devastating consequences of cigarette and illicit drug addiction, and as part of the National Health Week 2019 activities, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences (ZAUMS) launched a tobacco prevention campaign dubbed “Nam Nam”. “Nam Nam” is the Persian acronym for "Saying No to Drugs by Saying No to Tobacco", which is the theme of this national campaign.




The campaign aims to encourage the owners of retail businesses to abstain from selling tobacco products.During this campaign that was initially designed by the provincial “Substance Abuse Treatment Guild” in collaboration with ZAUMS and the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association (IATA), and  Iran Drug Control Headquarters, Provincial Office, retail business owners voluntarily commit to not to sell tobacco products at their place of business. These business outlets will be flagged as “substance abuse prevention units”. The retail business owners’ motto participating in this public activity is: “We choose to refuse the benefits from selling tobacco, you also choose to avoid the harm you do by smoking”.





This campaign will be implemented in four steps:

Step One:

- Identification of retail store owners voluntarily refusing to sell tobacco products by district environmental health officers and inspectors

- Visit of provincial environmental health experts for approving  reports from district environmental experts

 -  Awarding certificate  of appreciation and  the campaign logo to the identified retail stores

- Introduction of the retail store via campaign social media along with the location map

- Official membership of the retail stores in the campaign social media

- Providing "Safe Shopping Outlet for Kids" stickers for being a tobacco free of shopping centers after three months of joining the campaign and compliance with the campaign terms and conditions.

- Introducing the retail businesses  as Safe Shopping Outlets in social media

Step Two:

 This step includes encouraging retail business stores to join the campaign during routine environmental health.

Step Three:

Introduction of those retail business stores that have participated in the campaign to the wider community in a variety of ways,  with the aim of attracting support from the members of the society by purchasing from those stores.

Step Four:

In this stage people will be involved in attracting sponsors to financially support the campaign. This move will involve organizing various meetings with different private and non-governmental organizations, to clarifying the goals of scaling up the financial support for this campaign.

The other side of the campaign is to invite people to join this move by purchasing from the identified stores that have joined this campaign, because these business owners have refused the profits of tobacco sales to protect people from the harms done to the health of citizens. In this regard, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences asks all people, institutions, and governmental, non-governmental and private organizations throughout the country to join this valuable initiative.


Join us on social networks at:@NamNam-campaign


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