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Report from: ZAUMS Non-Communicable Diseases Control Department

Published on: 12 June 2019


Nearly 61,223 people living in the areas covered by Zahedan University of Medical Sciences had their blood pressure checked in the Iranian National "High Blood Pressure Control Campaign” 2019, which is the biggest health promotion initiative the Zahedan University of Medical Sciences has ever done. The checks have been carried out at all the health centers, health posts, health houses, and hospitals, along with 104 free "Blood Pressure Check Stations" across the province. A total of 5395 high blood pressure cases have been detected so far.


Teaching and non-teaching hospitals in Sistan & Balouchestan Province are offering free blood pressure screening at 14 blood pressure check stations. Moreover, 2 BP stations in Edalat and Salamat Subspecialty Clinics, 3 in Nursing Counseling and Home Care Centers, and 3 mobile centers run by Emergency  Operation Center (EOC) have been participating in the event.



At these stations, nurses and other trained health professionals and emergency paramedics have been taking the clients" blood pressure and have provided them with educational literature to help them keep their blood pressure under control.


In addition to providing blood pressure checks free of charge to visitors, the nurses also raise awareness of the danger of undiagnosed high blood pressure, and train the patients with high blood pressure on how to properly manage their condition. The tarinings have been done through face-to-face and group sessions, broadcasting video clips, and distribution of pamphlets.


This event has also focused on giving a quality blood pressure reading. We just don’t ask the people to get their blood pressure taken, but we make sure it is taken the right way.


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