News > Professor Denis Lafontaine Professor of the University of Brussels: The research work done in Iran is extremely interesting

Professor Denis Lafontaine, a distinguished professor of molecular biology at a meeting with researchers from Zahedan University of Medical Sciences (ZAUMS) in Brussels, Belgium, expressed his interest in working closely with Iranian scientists on key research projects that has been already launched at the ZAUMS.

These include the study of the anticancer mechanisms of iron oxide nanoparticles, Gadolonium oxide, gold, silver and quantum dot graphene developed by Zahedan University of Medical Sciences. He announced their readiness to help in identifying the mechanism of action of those nanoparticles in the healthy and cancerous cells. It was agreed that at Zahedan University of Medical Sciences produce and identify nanoparticle characterizations, and the University of Brussels, with the use of their advanced equipments and their affiliated Biopark, investigate signaling mechanisms within the nucleus and cytoplasm. The results would be released to the researcher in ZAUMS to proceed with their research projects.

It was also agreed that the two sides would make the most of their research capacities and capabilities to advance similar projects, and that researcher from the University of Brussels make visits to Iran to give talks and explore the areas for scientific collaboration in near future.


Date : 08/09/2019 13:36
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