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Report from: ZAUMS Public Relations & International Affairs Office
Published on: 20 October 2020


Visiting Imam Reza (PBUH) Comprehensive Health Services Center on the occasion of  Mental Health Week, Dr. Hashemi Shahri Chancellor of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences thanked valuable services of the primary health care clinical psychologists and stated that in the suburbs of the cities and in the comprehensive health services centers desirable counselling services are currently being rendered to our  citizens and he urged the psychologists to monitor the population under coverage,  laid emphasis on the promotion of optimal and effective counselling with the aim of awareness raising,  change in the attitudes, and promotion of mental health of our people.


Dr. Hashemi further added that during coronavirus pandemic more than 50 clinical psychologists in the province of Sistan and Balouchestan have offered mental health counselling services to over 100000 of our compatriots in the province. Most of these mental health counseling services have been provided during face to face sessions and some people have been reached via phone. 


Dr. Hashemi Shahri Chancellor of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences stated that in addition to counselling services offered in the centers, our citizens in the province can turn to 4030 hotline for getting free counseling. So far more than 21209 people have received psychological counseling.  


Dr. Mohammad Bakhshani Head of Psychology Department stated in the case of depression symptoms particularly during coronavirus pandemic, people should turn to Comprehensive Health Centers and Hospitals. Dr. Bakhshani as a psychologists stated that unfortunately during coronavirus pandemic some people distance themselves (widely) from coronavirus infected patients and they should not reject the patients, but should maintain their social relationship while implementing health protocols. 



Mrs. Fatemeh Sargazi Head of Mental Health Department of the Vice Chancellery for Health stated that since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, mental health experts of the university have served more than 200 families with corona victims in the area under the coverage of Zahedan University of Medical sciences and Health Services.


Referring to the significant role played by mental health specialists in decreasing stress and anxiety of people during coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Sargazi said “We currently face coronavirus pandemic and people need further psychological support and physicians and mental health experts of Comprehensive Health Centers are ready to serve all individuals who are in need of such services”


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