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Major Service Title Sub-service title
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Contact number and name of the sub-service respondent unit
Accreditation of health institutions 16061012000
Issuing licenses for health institutions 16061013000
Issuing licenses for health offices 16062571000
Providing services related to the Mandatory Medical Service program for physicians and paramedics 16061014000
Responding to health complaints 16061016000
Monitoring the hygiene of food preparation, distribution and storage facilities 16041018000
Provide permits and health certificates of public places 16042572000
Reporting births and deaths to the Civil Registration Organization 10031019000
Providing health services 16042573000
Providing treatment services entitlement 16062574000
Holding medical science exams and answering relevant inquiries 18041026000
Providing a license to establish and evaluating scientific associations of medical universities 18042579000
transfer of medical students between universities across the country 18042581000
Providing diplomas of medical students and graduates 18042582000
Providing welfare, cultural and sports services for medical students 18062584000
Providing educational services for medical students 18042585000
Providing library services for medical students 16052586000
Providing research services in the field of medical sciences 16052587000
Providing licenses for health-related products 16061654000
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