National High Blood Pressure Control Campaign

Iranian National Blood Pressure Campaign

Report from: ZAUMS Non-Communicable Diseases Control Department
Published on: 7 July 2019

In order to reduce heart disease, strokes, and other debilitating disease, controlling blood pressure is one thing that has tremendous potential to save lives and improve well-being. Therefore, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education has planned to launch a "National High Blood Pressure Control Campaign". This is the nation's biggest blood pressure testing event, which runs from May 17 to July 6 2019.

Putting emphasis on informing the community about the importance of every adult knowing their most vital statistic - their blood pressure, the theme of the campaign is:

"High Blood Pressure, Know & Act".

The campaign seeks to encourage the public to get their blood pressure checked. The event provides free blood pressure checks at all health centers’ health posts, private and public hospitals, and pharmacies, and also at thousands of "Blood Pressure Screening Stations" run by health professionals and trained Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) all over the country. People can receive a free blood pressure check and information at those stations.

The target population in this campaign includes: all people 30 years and older, pregnant women, and patients with chronic renal diseases. On May 17th, on the occasion of the World Blood Pressure Day, a web-based “Blood Pressure Self-Reporting System” and blood pressure record was launched at This website helps individuals to record their blood pressure using their personal National ID.

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